Berkeley Vale Public School

Learning to Live for over 100 years

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School Song

              Berkeley Vale School Song

Composed by Denise Sharpe 1974 Teacher BVPS

To the tune of 'Eye Level' by Simon Park Orchestra


                              To live and learn we come to school          

                                                             On a hill at Berkeley Vale

                                                             Friendship and love will never fail

                                                             To unite us with our school.


Chorus         Berkeley Vale, Berkeley Vale on Tuggerah Lake so blue,

Berkeley Vale, We're always true

Berkeley Vale, Berkeley Vale, this is our school

On which we're proud

Our Primary School.


To serve her we are proud to do,

To fail her we never will,

We'll sing out her praises ‘til.

We'll be forever a part.


Chorus         Berkeley Vale, Berkeley Vale, on Tuggerah Lake so blue

             Berkeley Vale, We're always true

 Berkeley Vale, this is our school

 Of which we're proud

 We come from Berkeley Vale.

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