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Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning at Berkeley Vale Public School


Please review each site prior to your child beginning each activity for relevance and age group

NSW Department of Education - Learning from home 

THRASS resources 

Typing Tournament 

Information about Coronavirus for Children 

Scholastic Learn at Home: Free Resources for School Closures 

Clever Pickles-  You Tube Lessons - Handwriting and Mathematics 

Pobble 365 - Writing 

Kidsnews - Reading Comprehension and VCOP activities 

Making Maths add up - 25 Fun Maths Activities and Games for kids to do at home for free!


Science Bob - Science Experiments at Home 

Acing Maths (one deck at a time) card games to play with your child - K - 6

Hit the Button - Maths for ages 7-11

77 Simple STEM activities for families

25 non-screen activities you can do at home 

Behind the news - - Year 1 - 6 - Maths K-6 - Maths K-6

National Geographic Kids

Google Earth

NASA Kids Club 

Amazing Space 

How Stuff Works

Get Smart - K-6 all Key Learning Areas








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